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Table 1 The demographic and operational characteristics of the patients and adverse events

From: Ultrasound-guided combined interscalene and superficial cervical plexus blocks for anesthesia management during clavicle fracture surgery

Age44 ± 14
Weight (kg)77 ± 11
Height (cm)170 ± 8
Sex (M/F)13/3
ASA class (I/II/III)9/5/2
Duration of surgery (min)80 ± 28
Duration of anesthesia (min)116 ± 27
Fracture localization (lateral/midshaft/medial)6/8/2
Recovery of motor block time (min)213 ± 60
The need for analgesia for the first time (min) (VAS > 4)259 ± 99
Continue with general anesthesia1 (6.25%)
Additional sedoanalgesia4 (25%)
Adverse events
  1. Data are expressed as mean ± standard deviation or number (%)