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Table 4 Data of propofol procedural sedation (PPS) in the spinal group

From: Can propofol procedural sedation implementation increase the acceptance of spinal anesthesia during cesarean section?

Total propofol doses during PPS (mg)Median (range)70 (50–150)
Pain sounds during PPS, n (%)Yes33 (20%)
Movement during PPS, n (%)Yes46 (28%)
Spinal injection time (min)Median (range)1 (1–5)
End tidal CO2 during PPS (cmH2O)Median (range)22 (17–32)
Satisfaction score (0–10) at recoveryScore = 10, n (%)163 (98%)
Next CS anesthesia choice, n (%)PPS with spinal163 (98%)
  1. Data are expressed in median (range) or the number of patients (percent); n = 166
  2. PPS propofol procedural sedation