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Table 1 Leiden-surgical rating scale

From: A randomized trial comparing deep and moderate neuromuscular blockade in patients undergoing ambulatory gynecologic laparoscopy

1. Extremely poor conditions: The surgeon is unable to work due to coughing or due to the inability to obtain a visible laparoscopic field due to inadequate muscle relaxation.
2. Poor conditions: There is a visible laparoscopic field, but the surgeon is severely hampered by inadequate muscle relaxation with continuous muscle contractions, movements, or both with the hazard of tissue damage.
3. Acceptable conditions: There is a wide visible laparoscopic field but muscle contractions, movements or both occur regularly causing some interference with the surgeon’s work.
4. Good conditions: There is a wide laparoscopic working field with sporadic muscle contractions, movements or both.
5. Optimal conditions: There is a wide visible laparoscopic working field without any movement or contractions.
  1. NMBA neuromuscular blocking agent