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Table 8 Clinical outcome variables

From: Terlipressin infusion for prevention of vasoplegic syndrome in patients treated with angiotensin II receptor antagonist undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery: a randomized controlled study

 Terlipressin group (n = 50)Placebo group (n = 50)P value
ICU stay (hours)50.4 ± 10.252.7 ± 11.50.2927
Hospital Stay (days)9.8 ± 1.310.3 ± 1.50.0780
AKI (n)240.6777
Major adverse CV events (n)350.7150
Mortality (n)011
  1. n number of patients, AKI acute kidney injury defined as at least two fold increase in serum creatinine level, or decrease in GFR > 50%, or decreased urine output less than 0.5−1.h−1 for 12 h
  2. Mean ± SD
  3. Major adverse cardiovascular events included non-fatal MI, unstable angina pectoris, heart failure, significant arrhythmia, stroke, new cardiac surgery, or percutaneous coronary intervention
  4. P value is significant when P < 0.05