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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of the patients

From: Comparative study between sequential combined spinal epidural anesthesia versus epidural volume extension in lower limb surgery

 SCSE group
N = 39
EVE group
N = 36
P value
Age (years)35 (25–60)32.5 (21–60)0.8
Height (cm)165.4 (7.1)163.9 (5.7)0.21
Weight (kg)58.4 (6.2)60. 2(7.2)0.24
Sex (M/F)22/1721/151
ASA grade I/II14/2516/200.48
Duration of surgery (min)136.2 (16.3)135.4 (15.3)0.82
  1. Data are presented as mean ± SD, N (%) numbers (percentage), and median (range)
  2. SCSE sequential combined spinal epidural anesthesia, EVE epidural volume extension